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Former Rehabilitation Program Participants are Challenging Wage Violations

Case Summary
Presson v. Recovery Connections Community, et al. is a representative action alleging that Recovery Connections Community (“RCC”) violated federal and state wage and hour laws, among others, by failing to pay its program participants for their work.  The lawsuit was filed on September 27, 2018 in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. The class and collective action complaint alleges that RCC requires its residents to work long hours—up to 16 hours per day—for area businesses, and then pockets the residents’ wages for its own benefit.  The complaint further alleges that the businesses that contract with RCC benefit from this scheme by receiving access to a pool of sub-market rate labor performed by RCC residents.  Plaintiffs allege that these businesses pay RCC a negotiated rate for the labor pool’s work, knowing that the RCC residents receive no compensation for their labor.  Finally, Plaintiffs allege that RCC’s deceptive marketing of itself as a substance abuse recovery service provider, and Defendants’ practices of profiting off the unpaid labor of individuals seeking substance abuse rehabilitation are unlawful and violate public policy.

The Goal of the Lawsuit

The class and collective action seeks to obtain unpaid wages from RCC and the companies with which it contracted to supply RCC residents’ labor.

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Important Case Update:

The Judge granted plaintiff’s 216(b) Motion, authorizing Plaintiffs to send notice of the lawsuit to individuals who participated in the Recovery Connections Community program at any time since September 27, 2015.  Read the decision here. Read the complaint here.


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